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Navy blue long sleeve tee featuring the 'Mind Your Business' Logo


A Brief History of MINDUS TUUM BIZNUS:

In 1942, a team of New York City archaeologists made a remarkable discovery at a dig site in Lower Manhattan. The team had uncovered the oldest NYC artifact ever found: A small 8” by 16” concrete cinder block dating back to approximately 3000 BC. Written in an Early York dialect "Mind yous owns bizness fella” is engraved on the brick’s surface. This is the earliest social etiquette known to have been practiced by Prehistoric New Yorkers. Shortly after the discovery of the relic, 'Mind Your Business' was adopted by Mayor Fiorello La Guardia as the City's Official Motto. On the Seal of New York City, the motto is translated into Dog Latin. 'MINDVS TVVM BIZNVS' can be seen inscribed on a scroll on the bottom left of the seal between the subway tracks and the sewer alligator.

Mind Your Business L/S Tee

  • 6 oz Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    100% Cotton

    Printed in NYC